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Team Resiliency Training Through A Realistic Wilderness Survival Experience

Frozen 48 Survival Challenge. There’s Nothing Else Like It

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The Scenario:  You just got dropped off with your team. You’re in street clothes, but you’re in the middle of the wilderness with an axe, a knife, some matches and a metal pot. You have to survive for 48 hours. The only thing that will get you through this is the training you’ve just received. Working together is the only option. It will be a long 2 days, but when you come out on the other side, things will be different. Not look different, be different. You’ll have stared down old man winter. You’ll have overcome a life-threatening situation. You won’t feel like a boss; you’ll be a boss. That feeling is what we’re offering. It won’t come without some pain. But the thing about pain is that it’s a necessary component of growth. Without it you might as well participate in a canned, corporate team building event filled with trust falls and other easily forgettable exercises. We’re offering something different. If you’re interested, read on.

The Problem: Team building is a milquetoast industry populated by forgettable activities and wishy-washy coaches. If your team is made up of high-achievers, you want more; a real challenge that will move the needle on achievement and what’s possible.

The Solution: A real-world challenge, facilitated by survival professionals, not team building coaches. 

The Process: Your team will travel to northern Maine, get skilled and get challenged. We’ve been teaching the longest, most challenging survival courses in the USA for two decades.

The Skills: Instruction in wilderness survival techniques by an industry leader. You will learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness with no equipment.

The Challenge: The Frozen 48. The toughest survival challenge in the USA. 48 hours in the frozen wilderness with a few simple tools and the clothes on your back. 

The Model: The anthropological model of rite of passage to build a team. Removal from the main group. Significant challenge that brings group together. Reintegration.

The Results: This event changes people. We’ve seen it happen year after year. Other challenges are put into perspective. When you finish, you’ll have a swagger. And the word can’t will cease to have any power. You’ll never think you can again; you’ll KNOW you can. Because you’ve done it.

The Provider: We’ve got two decades behind us teaching college accredited, GI Bill approved semester programs. We build elite, high-functioning teams that perform under extreme circumstances. No other outfit has our level of experience. 

The Location: Our 60 acre off-grid field school in northern Maine. We’re 40 minutes from the Presque Isle airport, with daily flights from Boston. 

The Schedule:  We offer this training in December. We’re not looking to turn into full-time team building providers. There are already plenty of those. We want to offer a unique experience that only we can deliver.

The Guarantee:  No bullshit, no corporate-speak, no excuses. Out here you either complete the challenge or your don’t. It’s a combination of learned skills and willpower. You will be challenged. This is hard. For many, it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done. The cold is relentless. You don’t have the luxury of zoning out. The hardest part is mental.

We’ve run a bunch of Frozen 48 programs over the years. No one who has completed the challenge, with zero exceptions, has ever said it’s easy. This experience won’t be easy. But a difficult challenge, when overcome, creates inertia. Other challenges shrink. The newly-empowered you kicks them out of the way. When you do something that’s very difficult, life’s other challenges are less daunting.

At the end of the challenge, our instructors are waiting to greet you on the other side. They’re also providing for your safety during the challenge. If it gets too intense, they can provide support at any moment. It’s impossible to guarantee your safety while you’re on the challenge in the woods, but safety is less than 5 minutes away.

We’re professionals, not coaches. We won’t stand around providing platitudes. We’ll show you what you need to know. Then we expect you to do it. We’ve been leading groups in the wilderness and building teams for over two decades.

You’ll be tired and dirty when you leave. But you’ll be different.

If you’re ready to be challenged, get in touch with us.

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